Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dog Crate Bowl Holders - Lot of 8 in Various Sizes - $10

Got dogs? If you use metal crates to contain your dogs (or cats or pigs) these bowl holders will come in handy. There are eight in similar sizes. $10 and they are yours.

Contact Allan at 865.659.3273 or for details or to purchase.

Concrete Roof Tiles - Variety of Sizes and Shapes - Lot for $50

Our friends Matt and Kristin moved out of their Craftsman style home in North Knoxville last year and Matt brought us the roof tiles left over from their roof replacement. Not sure why we ended up with the tiles but we have to get rid of them. If you or someone you know has a tile roof these are yours for $50. There are at least 20 pieces of various sizes and shapes.

Contact Allan at 865.659.3273 or for details or to purchase.

Badass Wakeboard Bindings for Sale - $20

Badass Wakeboard Bindings for Sale Medium (fit tight)
Location: North Knoxville

Contact Allan Mueller at 865-659-3273 or email at

Aquarium | Terrarium - 10 gallon - includes screen top - $20

This is a true story. Several years ago we found a hermit crab wandering through our yard. We bought this fish tank, lid and stones for his home and named him. His name was Dr. Nigel Claw. He passed away a year or so ago and I doubt we will ever find another hermit crab in our yard. RIP Nigel. Here's your chance to get a great deal on a 10 gallon aquarium/terrarium with lid and stones for only $20.

Contact Allan at 865.659.3273 or for details or to purchase.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bang & Olufsen Stereo System :: Rock Out Old-School!

Bang & Olufsen Stereo System includes all pieces shown below. Components are sold together for $500 and may be viewed upon appointment by contacting Allan at 865-659-3273.

BeoMaster 5000 Tuner/Amplifier

BeoGram 5000 Record Deck

BeoCord 5000 Cassette Deck

BeoGram CD5500 Compact Disc Player

Master Control Panel 5000

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